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Cabanyal 06/05/20

This illustrative panel talks about the Cabanyal district and its history of the past centuries in order to show its present situation. The idea to take on this project came with a class asignment about anything related to the Cabanyal. I almost instantly thought of representing the social and economical crisis this district has suffered over the last years, caused by gentrification.

To be able to talk about this, I came up with the idea of drawing a horizontal, 300x70 cm big illustration that would grafically portray its history through symbolisms, with the objective of giving it a cultural identity, separating this district’s most important historical events in various parts of this illustrative panel, reaching through this history the events that lead to the degradation of the Cabanyal and its latter gentrification, the so called Pepris. To fulfill this task, I looked through thesis and essays written by various architects and sociologists who specialised in this area and its degradation towards gentrification, and also found information through digital fonts and books about the history of el Cabanyal.


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