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Des-nacer (to be unborn) is a comic saga that was born with the idea to portray different themes that interest me. These themes are very diverse, ranging from personal writings from moments of sensitivity, physical-theoretical concepts (quantum physics, classical physics) that I merge with symbolisms (one of the main characters is a photon), diverse concepts, philosophical thoughts…in short, a conjunction, or, colloquially speaking, a gibberish of themes and concepts that I make an effort to conjunct into a unitary narrative that occurs through two main characters; Orion, the nihilist photon, and “X”, a normal human being from Earth who expresses great sensitivity. Both characters will travel through a very strange cosmos, living strange, absurd and transcendental situations.

As I wrote in the lines above, i morph my experiences through metaphors. This would be the principal objective to my work: a game of poetics that is expressed through a world filled with clear symbolisms born from my own reflection and latter representation. To be able to articulate my ambitions regarding this project, I appeal to different resources, both in narrative and in style. These are: humour, breaking the fourth wall, (I myself appear as a narrator), science fiction, fantasy, symbolism and design of pages and bullet points. These resources are expanded as the saga develops, but for now I could say that they’re the axes around which it articulates.

“Preludio” is the first number of the saga “Des-nacer”, (to be unborn). In this number, I illustrate a presentation of the main characters, whose development goes back to 2017. In that year, I began a surrealist comic strip about a character in a dreamlike landscape. I tried to illustrate the dream of an old lover, but with time I recycled the pages i had made, continuing the story without a script. Slowly, I gave a script and a future projection to the actions the character was taking part of, and in short time I came up with  he idea of joining him with other ideas I had been writing down in my sketchbooks. I slowly joined this with thousands of ideas I had been noting and trashing, until I organised a concrete sequence with concrete situations. That’s how the scrip to “Des-nacer” was born, and it elongates throughout 5 volumes approximately. “Preludio” was planned as a “breaker” for this script, and I limited to narrate a part of it and in question of 3 or 4 months drew its 62 pages.

In this first number, Orion and X, the two main characters, meet during a forced and violent encounter which imposes upon them and absurd adventure through space-time in an Earth set 150 years from now. In this Earth, christian religion has dominated society again, apparently without a reason. Soon after their arrival, the characters are separated and the story evolves around X exclusively, who goes through the city and presents the scenery to the reader. In a certain point of the story, I appear with my best friend giving a vane speech which expresses the background of the situation that develops during this hypothetic future society, which is not governed by that which one sees in plain sight.